Poetry from John Culp

 Never fulfilled
 always fulfilling 
Our tub overflows
    with oceans yet to fill
& my name
 doesn't Matter because 
    You already know me.

 As if a 
   shared mystery is
      a pleasant surprise,
           Enjoy the toss.
              It's new Today.

            Love, this look 
       around the other way,
     As sun lifts the shades 
   Beneath the living wood. 
 In quiet refrain,  Listen as if 
  Creation shares the thunder,
      in expectation beyond 
          the pulse of Light.

in the timeless beauty  
where want
 evaporates upon renewal,
      No-thing Waters The Rose. 
Yes, it's being quenched within 
Free to assist the solar polish 
whose warmth closes eyes to
the olfactory bloom
as appreciation soothing
 the receiver,  
Sightless Satisfaction.
Cut, the dethorned is confined
  to a kitchen window's grace.
   The rose looks out,
 behind the glass.

 Still you're rose.
Timeless named from the dark 
 To call us together 
  Warming from within 
Drawing the mystery sharing 
      Living the earth & 
        Tall boundless sky,
           Known for its winds.
       A Rose Appreciated, 
Opens a window in expectation
   Dreams its thorns
 And turn Wind to Sky 
where water forms.

Never fulfilled 
 Always fulfilling 

Saturday morning 
November 5, 2022
by John Edward Culp 
All Rights Reserved 

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