Poetry from John Culp


Water for Children 
   and fresh Clean Sky 

Ancient's thought Wander
Love won't have to try. 

If Graves You are Building 
  to Remember this day 
Remember the Children, 
       a Good Place to play. 

Nature's Reward 
       Who Cares  at all

Eternity's Bliss
         Can Wander 
                Stand  Tall

When  You walk with Ancestors 
     and Fruits Life can send 
A  Gift   to Your   Children 
     Our future,  My friend. 

by  John Edward Culp 
    January 28, 2018 

2 thoughts on “Poetry from John Culp

  1. So playfully written, but evokes thoughts about some very serious topics.

    • Thank You, the child in the adult can let momentum build in favor, I glean♡

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