Poetry from John Culp


Did my talking shut the Door?
  And when I walk away
       will you understand?

Our taste is shared until
          the fear steals the

And as the Door swings
         I see you Reaching
            Beyond the slam

Somehow it makes sense
    to gently place my
     Palm on the
      Door &
feel what we
                still share.

      I AM feeling a mirror
of myself that is freely &
       individually in Both of us

 Something  Wonderful !

I just think now,
           It was the Wind
      that caught the Door
  for separated by Laminates
   of grain & structure
Keeps each well at Heart

     Nothing  is  Wasted .
Love is in the Free essence
Drawn, inspired & inspires
               on any
with the Blessing that find

the quiet awakens the Hearts
       often standing in
    "Bring the Good", 
        my Heart springs.

               I AM Well.
       The Door that slams
Has no walls around its 
        Infinite is in every
     newness to prepare
          comfortably,  Freely,
               in LOVE. 

by  John Edward Culp 
       Sunday morning 
      January 7, 2024