Poetry from John Culp

I Might Suppose That 

          I might suppose that
Healing will not pass
    the faithless desire
            without a transform
                 to encourage faith

A path mends the already known
    to Belief in the moment

                Wishing  -

the formless rides the moments
    Creations pulled to creations
         Lets grounding
             catch up with

         Being Yourself

               Wishing  -

When Cravings to see
    Say never Be

         A detour
              to offer

          Being Yourself

   the Simply

Lets the Wish Release
    Wishing falls to Bow

          Being Yourself

found worthier
    than the first taste

      I might suppose that
Liking draws the unknown
    for the worthiness
        is Both
            forceless & infinite

                  Wishing  -

Time is the Lens
    to see now better
        Releasing to comfort
            adrift to the future

    And here We are

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