Poetry from John Edward Culp

The part in all
         of us We Share 

             Well Being
       Sets Foot on Every
             Beach on a
       Warm Breezy Day 

       I'm being an Idealist.

 I'll Back down 
               When You're Back up,

      and that's a Condescending 
                   Style   I know.

         You Know Better
  the Greatest Joy 
       than I could    ever find 
                                   for You 

The presence of LOVE 
     is ,   You You You Are  .

       I studder for good 
   It  Bears  Repeating 

Sit Here and I promise 
      not to look at your shell.

    The guarded Soul 
makes its own 
        And your presence has 
my Heart 
              on a Rock slain 
      Before and after the time 
                 of Danger   But no precision 
                                     can threaten my
For size and mass are 
     Part & Parcel to the canvas 
           that, "What's it called?",
              always Rises the caller to 
                   Bring more Fresh Ideas. 

        What You Like 
                  is Already 
           Faster than time to 
                                 Savor the 
                                       passing Brush. 

By John Edward Culp

         All Rights Reserved 
first drafted on  December 2, 2021
In a Castro Valley CA coffee shop ♡