Poetry from John Robbins

Cocktails Served

Some find their way in to escape.

Others find solace in empty conversations and stale beers.

Most all of them have a reason and the best never needed one at all.

For me it’s a feel more than anything.

It is in the night itself.

For I am forever chasing what I can never regain.

A shared bit of mystery.

A simple release and nothing more.

A dark corner and a good laugh.

We gave up toys for vices and never truly grew up at all.

Maybe there is hope for tonight to be different from all the rest.

But at least the drinks are cold.

As the people that serve them.

Tip to all.

Don’t go blind looking into computer screens.

For purpose when a night’s escape is far more enticing.

I may go home alone.

But at least I gained a peace of mind, chasing something more than cyber bullshit and empty hours.

The dog walks itself and I never was intended for the leash.

The drinks are my escape because they fill a void, another never will.

They may come at a hell of a price.

News flash so do lawyers and divorces.

Keep that sunny side shit to yourself.

Nurse, refill please.

5 thoughts on “Poetry from John Robbins

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  2. A friend says you shouldn’t write about boozers if you don’t booze it up yourself. “Keep that sunnyside to yourself” is a strong phrase. Many more in this John Robbins’ litany against sobriety and the addiction of screens.

  3. “We gave up toys for vices and never truly grew up at all” is such a great line. John Robbins always with great booze poems.

  4. Wonderful insight into the awesome mind of a awesome poet .,..Terrific…… writing…keep on keeping…on… advice from your number one….aka your biggest fan….

  5. When I finished, Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” ran through my head.

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