Poetry from Kristy Raines

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Kristy Raines

I Wished for You upon a Star

I feel like a blooming flower in the rain
when you kiss me tenderly in the morning
Your hand is as gentle as silk touching my skin
and your whispers are like a prayerful song

When I am near you, I sigh like a schoolgirl
I never tire of you holding my hand or
smiling at me when I glance your way
Your heart beats as fast as mine 
when you hold me in your arms

Everyday we live another chapter 
in the book that our lives have written
And from the beginning of it till the end
It will always be an epic best seller.

You were my first and will be my last,
because life brings only one true love...

And the star that I wished upon brought you to me...  ❤ 

It May Only Come Once

When love happens, you can't stop it 
Sometimes it just appears without you realizing it 
You look at each other one day 
and you find that you feel better when they are around  
Suddenly, life feels a lot brighter and happier 
You become aware you are smiling again and laughing 
You want to send all your time together 
and with every glance there is a warmth inside your heart
You realize that you never want to be without them.
You never tire being around each other 
and every morning starts out with a smile.  
You trust each other without thought of wrong doing 
and never question their loyalty
So, if you are lucky enough to find that kind of love, 
hold on with both hands and never let it go

It may only come once... 


I Feel You...

Whenever you think of me, I feel you
You'll always find yourself in me, good or bad 
We are empaths that feel each other's emotions
When I feel sad, you share my sadness
We both fear loneliness, and it is comforting
that you are here with me when I am afraid
You pass my house in the heart of your heart
And I see you out of the window of my soul
You always meet me right where I am emotionally
Nothing can prevent our unions and meetings
because it is impossible to separate or stop them
In slumber, you create my dreams of you.
And I always know I will wake with your smile.

Kristy Raines was born in Oakland, California, USA. 
She is an internationally known poet, writer, author and advocate. She has five books getting ready to publish soon, one with a prominent poet from India which will launch hopefully soon called, "I Cross my Heart from East to West", two fantasy books of her own called, "Rings, Things and Butterfly Wings" and "Princess and The Lion",  an anthology of poems in English, "The Passion Within Me" and her autobiography called " My Very Anomalous Life".
Kristy has received many literary awards for her unique style of writing and is a part time freelance journalist.

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