Poetry from Laura Stamps

Hazel Haiku 


Me? Adopt from a  

shelter? Never. Then I saw  

Hazel. Fell in love. 


Frances, the bloodhound,  

drags her owner on walks. Yikes!  

Love my Chihuahua. 


Cute dog toys two for  

five dollars at Petco. I  

lose my mind. Buy ten. 


Hazel eats too fast.  

A silverware tray is her  

new food bowl. It works. 


Puppuccino time!  

I spoil her. I know. But she  

deserves it. She does. 


Laura Stamps is a poet and novelist and the author of over 60 books. Most recently: THE GOOD DOG (Prolific Pulse Press, 2023), ADDICTED TO DOG MAGAZINES (Impspired, 2023), and MY FRIEND TELLS ME SHE WANTS A DOG (Kittyfeather Press, 2023). She is the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize nomination and seven Pushcart Prize nominations.