Poetry from Lidia Popa

Light skinned older middle aged woman with reading glasses, gold hoop earrings, curly shoulder length red hair, a black top and a long necklace with brown stones and black beads.
Lidia Popa

The Bay of Thoughts in The Isle of Horses 

Turquoise is a deep grassland where seahorses abound. 
The sun is reflected while riding the waves 
created by ships anchored in the bay. 
Not everything is a painted tapestry 
From hands full of color. 
Peace is a blessing that flocks on earth dream about. 
If in the turquoise you are close to God 
Pray that at least the sky turns turquoise, 
For them who have not known 
Serenity and salvation in life. 

Marine paths to the Bay of Ieranto (where Ulysses met the sirens) 

The path of the parchment with lines just written, 
Still wet with ink and words of different languages, 
Written with our bare hands, nameless, when the whole 
He is torn to pieces by forgotten things 
Or strangers, you don't feel at first, 
Unspoken words in this stolen time, 
In and out of all that has been given, 
Where something like a primordial light 
Frenzy excites thought in lost sleep. 

We write about the sin of living a mission, 
A ritual born from the seed of an apple, 
Under the lights of a deep-water jellyfish, 
Where corals are born like poppies 
From the repeated waves of silence, 
Upsetting the atmosphere created 
From a twilight to the end of June, 
Like an ephemeral one night invitation 
Where the shadows cannot touch the dawn 
Through the imponderable capillaries, 
Like a swarm of thrashing butterflies 
Deep in a season. 


Lidia Popa was born in Romania in the locality of Piatra Șoimului, in the county of Neamț, on 16th April, 1964. She finished her studies in Piatra Neamț, Romania with a high school diploma and other administrative courses, where she worked until she decided to emigrate to Italy. 

She has been living for 23 years and worked in Rome as part of the wave of intellectual emigrants since the fall of the Berlin Wall.
She wrote your first poem at her age of seven. She is a poet, essayist, storyteller, recognized in Italy and in other countries for her literary activities. She collaborates with cultural associations, literary cenacles, literary magazines and paper and online publications of Romanian, Italian and international literature. She writes in Romanian, Italian and also in other languages as an exercise in knowledge. 


She has published her poems in six books:
in Italy:
1. " Point different ( to be ) " - ed. Italian 
2." In the den of my thoughts ( Dacia ) " - ed. bilingual Romanian/ Italian Aletti Editore 2016,
3.“ Sky amphora " - ed. bilingual Romanian/ Italian Edizioni Divinafollia 2017, in Romania:
4. " The soul of words" ed. bilingual Romanian/ Albanian Amanda Edit Verlag 2021,
5." Syntagms with longing for clover " ed. Romanian, Editura Minela 2021.
6." The Voice interior " Lidia Popa and Baki Ymeri ed. bilingual Romanian/Italian, Amanda Edit Verlag 2022.

Her poems have been featured in more than 50 literary anthologies and literary magazines on line from 2014 to 2023 in Italy, Romania, Spain, Canada, Serbia, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Liban, USA, etc.
Her poems are translated into Italian, French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Bangladesh, Portuguese, Serbian, Urdu, Dari, Tamil, etc.
Her writings are published regularly in some magazines in Romania, Italy and abroad.
She is a promoter of Romanian, Italian and international literature, and is part of the juries of literary competitions.
She translates from classical or contemporary authors who strike for the refinement and quality of their verses in the languages: Italian, Romanian, English, Spanish, French, German, stating that "it is just a writing exercise to learn and evolve as a person with love for humanity, for art, poetry and literature ".

*Member of the Italian Federation of Writers (FUIS)
*Honorary member of the International Literary Society Casa Poetica Magia y Plumas Republic of Colombia,
*Member of Hispanomundial Union of Writers (Union Hispanomundial de Escritores) (UHE) and Thousands Minds For Mexico (MMMEX)
*President UHE and MMMEX Romania, August 21, 2021
*She had come power of attorney Vice-president UHE Romania, Mars18, 2021- August 21, 2021
*President UHE and MMMEX Romania, August 21, 2021
*Counselor from Italy for Suryodaya Literary Foundation Odisha India,
*Director from Italy for Alìanza Cultural Universal (ACU) Argentina
*Member Motivational Strips Oman,a member of numerous other literary groups at the level internationally,
*Director of Poetry and Literature World Vision Board of Directors (PLWV) Bangladesh
International Peace Ambassador of The Daily Global Nation International Independent Newspaper from Dhaka Bangladesh - 2023
*Founder literary group Lido dell'anima with LIDO DELL'ANIMA AWARDS
*Founder LIDO DELL'ANIMA Italian magazine
*Founder SILVAE VERBORUM INTERNATIONAL multilingual magazine
*Founder  of the literary hashtag #homelesspoetry

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