Poetry from Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa

Light skinned Filipina woman with reddish hair, a green and yellow necklace, and a floral pink and yellow and green blouse.
Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa

H ow can one person condemn another
I gnorance does superstitions gather
V irus to fear, no right for spirit to shatter

A cquired illness reason to ostracize in society
I ndifferent to afflicted's pains and tragedy
D evoid of compassion and acts of humanity
S hame on us AIDS knows no diversity

Whatever reasons there may be
Infected ones need not our pity
We are needed to show empathy
To be just there for them our moral duty

One can't be infected with mere touch of care
Support and love definitely can share
Put your feet in their shoes if you dare
Not just risks but their plight be aware

Butac Memories

Dad's from South, with fields of sugar, corn and rice 
Mom's from North, with mountains, cliffs and rivers rise
I was born and raised here in the city of vice

Grew up with telephones, teevee tubes and toys from mall
Bored of movies, fastfoods and buildings tall
Hotels, gymns and 50% sale stall

Still I would have loved to be in the mountain
Bumpy road ride through rocky terrain
On hand cart, who needs horses with brawny 
Uncle in the rain

Rudimentary lifestyle, no electricity strings, 
Bamboo pipe water from mountain springs
Ghost and monster scares round wood fire rings

Forget about land hole stairs.
Luck for balance, go home in pairs
House slumping up the trail, no gates- no cares

Cousins with practical tricks under sleeves
Care for itchy oozey barks and thorny leaves
Faires and mermaids Grandma's voice weaves

Break the fast by the firewood oven before ten
Lunch of river froglets and exotic dish, Aunt Mary's kitchen
Dinner higher up the mountains with Uncle Eugene

Just a couple weeks of rare vacation
Back to Manila lowlands for education
Tears and clinging hugs for lifetime devotion

Mountain ranges surreal nostalgic
City born life a childhood tragic
Land just below the skies is pure magic

Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa was born January 14, 1965, in Manila Philippines. She has worked as a retired Language Instructor, interpreter, caregiver, secretary, product promotion employee, and private therapeutic masseur. Her works have been published as poems and short story anthologies in several language translations for e-magazines, monthly magazines, and books; poems for cause anthologies in a Zimbabwean newspaper; a feature article in a Philippine newspaper; and had her works posted on different poetry web and blog sites. She has been writing poems since childhood but started on Facebook only in 2014. For her, Poetry is life and life is poetry. 

Lilian Kunimasa considers herself a student/teacher with the duty to learn, inspire, guide, and motivate others to contribute to changing what is seen as normal into a better world than when she steps into it. She has always considered life as an endless journey, searching for new goals, and challenges and how she can in small ways make a difference in every path she takes. She sees humanity as one family where each one must support the other and considers poets as a voice for Truth in pursuit of equality and proper stewardship of nature despite the hindrances of distorted information and traditions.