Poetry from Lilian Woo

Middle aged East Asian woman with light skin, brown curly hair and a burgundy jacket and white polka dotted blouse.
Lilian Woo

My heart dances with the whispering winds
Swirling, twirling and fluttering its wings
I enjoy gleefully the soft breeze caressing
Listen to the melodies sweetly resonating

The blue oceanic sky welcomes all days
The glorious sun is shining its crimson rays
Puffy clouds billowing above high
The eagles are soaring and taking flight

As I strolled leisurely in the magnificent park
Beautiful landscapes captured my heart
The essence of flowers embalms me
The songs of the birds serenade me

Not far away, I hear the waterfall gushing
As I move closer, the crystal water is enticing
Drops of water kiss me and splashing
The cool atmosphere is refreshing

Sounds of mirth fascinate me with pleasure
I relish the peaceful moment in leisure
Silently, enjoy to the music of nature
Reverberate the soul and free from pressure.


I read the message in your sparkling eyes clearly
Your piercing glances penetrate my heart deeply
I want to feel your warmth and embrace you  tightly
In wondrous moment, I'll never let you go easily

You light the spark and my bonfire heart is flickering
You have touched my soul like an epitome of spring
You mean everything to me and so much more
I have found my love, you're what I have been looking for

I love you profoundly, no words could ever define
You have inflamed the feelings in this heart of mine
You have made each day so wonderful, I'll always remember
Your intoxicating fragrance drenched me all over

Your beguiling eyes drowned me with ocean of love every time
Let's spend the rest of our lives the whole lifetime
Let the rhythms of our hearts play the music
We will sing our love song with romantic lyric

Your alluring beauty creates ripples in my heart every day
You kindle the passion of flame and makes me sway
Your ecstatic elegance stirs my mind blissfully
Rapturous love of my soul belongs to you only.

Eminent Author/Poetess Ms Lilian Woo hails from Malaysia and is the author of the book 'The Pearl Wonder'. She has received numerous international awards for her soulful writing. She is a Chief Administrator with Motivational Strips, Editor for Writers Tribune, and Chief Representative for the World Nations Writers' Union (WNWU). She has been appointed as the National President in Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE) 2020 for Malaysia and also nominated and entitled H.E. Ambassador General of National Peace Unison ( India), International 2019.

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  1. The poems reflect the beauty of nature and heart. Love and passion as the butterfly to the flowers. Excellent!

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