Poetry from Linda S. Gunther

White moon covered by branches against a black night sky
Pieces of us 
scatter in the moonlight                                                                               
On a rooftop above Manhattan
We sit dangling legs 
over the edge 
like two thieves in the night 

Set to steal forbidden treasure

Our eyes to the stars
affected by the drink
we laugh 

Acknowledge what’s left on the table 

My fingers trail 
across the scratchy blacktop 
to your bare forearm
savor the soft hairs on your skin
tiptoe to your wrist

I take your hand in mine

Moments sail by
still and quiet
the warmth of you 
by my side
fears vanished

My eyes close

The gentle breeze 
sweeps my hair
across my cheek
while my mind strays

I am lost in the summer night

You squeeze my hand
then pull away
promised to the pretty girl downstairs 
who holds your baby in her arms

and conflicted
our timing out of sync
with life’s events

Yet there is peace in the moment

I turn to speak
whisper something
to smooth your hesitance 
but no one’s there 

The fantasy is broken

Older middle aged white woman with light blond hair and a large black jacket with a brown interior and a white beaded necklace. She's in front of a rock wall.
Linda S. Gunther
Linda S. Gunther has written six romantic suspense novels: Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra, Endangered Witness, Lost In The Wake, Finding Sandy Stonemeyer, Dream Beach, and most recently published in 2021, Death Is A Great Disguiser. Ms. Gunther’s short stories, poetry, book reviews and essays have been published in a variety of literary journals.

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