Poetry from Lola Hotamova

What is life?

 Life is a sea, life is a river
 It flows into the brook
 A person falls into a vortex
 Ilintirar to the hook.

 Man himself drank raw milk
 Unknown benefit, harm
 He goes down with his eyes open
 Trapped by life.

 Who is life, what is life
 What a miracle life is
 Unwanted people
 Forced to walk.

 Whom - to whom he meets
 Oliftani - peas
 A simple person will meet
 To the beach somewhere.

Lola Hotamova was born on May 7,2009 in the village of Khanabad, Bukhara region. She studies in the 8th grade of the 43rd general education school in Jondor district. Poems of the young poetess were first published in 2019 in the " Zhondor ovozi"newspaper. Later, she began to appear in newspapers and magazines such as "Gulkhan", "Ezgulik", " Yangiyer tongi", " Bilimdon", "Smile". His books" Source of power", "I love my country", "Shy rabbit" have been published.

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