Poetry from Maftuna Sulaymonova

Young Central Asian teen girl with straight black hair, a lacy top, and a black coat.
Maftuna Sulaymonova
My daughter, take care of me 
My daughter, always be with me, 
I am worry about you, darling. 
Your young mother is old today, 
My daughter, take care of me. 

Holding my hem you are walking, 
Having stumbled you are grown up. 
I will smile when I look at you, 
My daughter, take care of. 

If you are patient, 
you will reach anything, 
Time passed and these days are here. 
We are grandma and grandpa today, 
My daughter, take care of me.

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Maftuna Sulaymonova

  1. Often a daughter remains alone long to listen to a door opening by oneself.

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