Poetry from Mahbub

A Spirit of Cry


My heart was crying last night

Of course a pain was there in that cry

No sleep in my eyes

Suddenly a cat started to cry just outside my room

With the pathos tone of that cry

in that dead of night

I could not manage any how

It started with double beat

I do not know why —-

I lost myself in the wave.

And when I woke up, a light was beaming on my face.


In This Earth


What are we doing in this earth?

A question always rays before the self

I do wrong, you do right and he does nothing

But who makes something for whom?

Is always on the track

What may be the result?

Comes out from the work

Then why should I think I am always wrong?

As a performer on the stage

I always struggle at my full length

I see a big zero before my eyes

I say I fail

Then I die and I stand like a statue in a garment’s shop.

A question haunts me,

What am I doing in this earth?



In Your Beauty


I believe you, my friend

I give you all my heart

Your sweet voice stirs me

To stay some more

Peace and calm

I dream in my sleep

Your charming face

A shinning beauty rays

Can’t but kiss time unlimited

You are always in my heart

Wherever I go

I see you, I hear you

And take my step with a new encouragement

In the glow of green leafy trees.



Come Forward


I can’t spend a moment without you

You are my part and parcel of life

A string of time seems to be so long

When you are not with me

It’s difficult to inhale

How can I live, dear?

Only for the soft morning light

We go to bed and sleep

To pass the darkness of night

We struggle and fight for what is not with

Lying flat under this chilly winter night

My body jerking in severe cold

Nothing can make it warm

O soft charming touch

Please dear, listen, come forward.


Today’s World


Today we, the people of the world live

Very near to each other

Feel our breath even in sleep

People lived the same in the past

Throughout the mirror of heart

Communicate with each other

We are running and doing our tasks

From the beginning of the earth

We have overcome time and place

We can share our sorrows and happiness

Wherever we are

I can see you in my heart;

I can see you on the screen

We can continue our love ever lasting


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh