Poetry from Joan Beebe

A PEACEFUL WALK                

A renewal of spirit seems to take place

While following a path along a meandering brook.

Walking through a forest of beauty and serenity

One’s mind is filled with the sights and soft  sounds

Of nature’s  peaceful  surroundings.

Time stands still and you are enveloped

Within the outstretched arms of  trees as if

Welcoming a friend,

The brook we follow has a sound of its own –

Like a beautiful melody of joy.

For a few moments, one is mesmerized

By the feeling of being one with the

Natural  rhythm  of a forest so alive.

As the brilliant sun sends its golden rays

Upon the canopy of green above us,

One hears a quiet whisper of this forest –

It is the gentle wind flowing through the trees

And sheltering us as we end our Peaceful Walk.

Endangering Nature

The delicate balance of nature seems to be threatened –

By the careless use of our forests, water and air.

We humans have a direct connection to what

Nature provides but, at times, because it is there,

We tend to forget our responsibilities in nurturing

The beauty, growth and all that nature provides in

Keeping our planet healthy.

From the rain forests, oceans teeming with life to

Farms growing the grains, fruits and vegetables needed for sustenance.

There is a constant rhythm to nature with the seasons, rainfall and even some

Devastation that, in time, brings new growth and the life of nature’s

Wonders begin again.

Nature not only brings life to our world but gives us peaceful moments when

Enjoying the beauty of wild flowers or a rainbow with its spectrum of multi-

Colors arching over the sky.

Nature is constantly providing and renewing the source of

Everything we need for survival.  It is

Imperative that we take measures that will protect our

Environment so that future generations will

Enjoy the gifts of nature.