Poetry from Mahbub




I am vacant, fully

If you are absent from me

I feel like burning my heart

Can’t sleep a moment

The whole night spent swaying

Firing inside and outside at the same scale

Feel like a complete cessation

How can I breathe?

O my love, be advance and permit to taste the apple

Move on the wheel to make a journey to the blissful world

And refill my heart

I am fully vacant

If you are not with me.




Frailty is thy name, O life

Waterless pot where plants are dry

Frailty is thy name, O death

From where many branches and leaves sprout.


A Welcome Tune


The morning is bright with soft wind

Let’s go outside, walk about a mile

Refresh our mind

Nothing is hazy; you are beside, my light

Your folder of love has covered the sky

Let’s move forward and start the day’s work

Nothing can break the bond we made ourselves

We are always hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder

Felt in the waves of the river

Let’s flow on the waters and wander about

Where we had not

The sun is rising

The birds are singing,

A welcome tune blazes my heart.






Time upsides down all

Not following the plan

I rebuke the world

Where tons of garbage gathered

I hold my napkin in my nose to protect

Bad smell to run into my working place

I am to wait for an hour or half

Useless moment to pass

How can I finish my job

If not be able to reach on time at all?

Feel like stagnant water of poisonous pond

Can’t be taken to the bank by spreading hands

I rebuke the world of my home

Where there is a little chance to cross the bar.






We are running on earth

We are fighting for what is not

We become successful

We become failure

It is a continuous process

We are always restless

For our own world to decorate

When my fruit tree was kept out of soil

It was going to die

Dried out its leaves

I thought I would replace another one

Father suggested me to plant it again

I abode by and planted

After some days I saw

New leaves and branches grew

And the tree got its green life.


A Promise


I am not a pathologist

To prescribe medicine

But I have an eye to see your heart

Where I reside

I am not a dentist who can remove aches

I only think and write

To roll down the heat in my head

If you think it for joining the race

You are welcome always

I’ll go for long till death.


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