Poetry from Mahbub

Poet and educator Mahbub
 A Journey to the Light
 The shadow of the green hills
 On the houses - layout of the skyline
 Trying the best without any rest
 I'm standing on by the fence
 To the end a glimpse of light
 Over the beach
 Hails you and me
 With the flock of the sea birds
 Let's fly.
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 An Exposure to the World
 Day after day in this running process
 The world is getting older
 The same we are - human being and all objects of nature
 The things all around us 
 By knowing and searching for more and more 
 We have had enough from the source
 The loving honey begotten
 Time is passing so rapid
 But we always busy with the fight after fight 
 Only you stand before me - my stick in hand to walk
 A bond of love, sharing the heart 
 A world for living together
 Like a little baby in the womb of a mother
 We finish our travel in a blink of an eye
 Vanishing within planning a preparation - a stage performer
 The eyes closed, stops breathing but the soul is never ending
 A transformation from known to the unknown
 A new birth for moving on with new experiences
 Like the mother's womb it takes place a greater and dreamy one
 More charming than this body and soul
 We do possess here in this earth.
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 The Love Rain
 In this hot stormy season
 The world drenched in the rain water
 The soft breeze and the cloudy sky
 Feel like the heavenly body I stand here
 In this burning world 
 An inspiration to the burning soul
 Just like the dying grass 
 Sprouts in a body deep and dark-green
 The lovers are getting washed in the loving rain to each other
 The rain outside, the rain inside
 How maddening the heart incites! 
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 The Scented Rose
 This is my house, I live in
 My hand is binding in you
 Eyes within thy eyes
 Pass my days and nights in love, my heart
 My scented rose wet in the morning dews
 Fresh and dance the light- from which
 The sound of pathos and death
 Nurture the tree, how green and shadowy!
 In the flow or reflection of the waters or rivers
 Sounds much of pride, sickness, tiredness and death
 We stroll by the yard,
 Lips into the lips, breast on the breast we stand or lie down to bed
 In touch of enchanting whisper lest we might fall apart.
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 The Healthy Spirits
 The deaths in line gather here like the grubs
 In the lower part of the tree
 The branches with the colorful leafs
 The tree deep in silence holds so careful
 Cheerful they are living in touch
 How wonderful they grow, the kingly move we enjoy
 Though the little may sometimes get astonished at first sight
 Speak in silence they mean among themselves
 The world covered with the lining of 
 The emerald shiners preserved with natural color
 The wonderful fathom of the ocean 
 The horizon always leads to the joy 
 The green valley and the sky
 Hails the heart to the loftiness of the hills 
 The rocks tie it up the magnificence of the spirit.
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

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