Poetry from Mahbub

Poet Mahbub
The Solitary Sleep

The sand is drenched to the every kiss of the wave from the ocean  
I stand by, it sounds just my beloved breathes on the chest
A sleep in loving peace
The sun rising in me shrouds on the other side
The moon shining on
I know you are busy with gardening
Some nights overwhelmed with joy like Pattaya City Street
Performed by the young ones the whole night
Some on the corner deep in thought over what is got or lost in life
On her voyage to the Ocean Columbus lost her way
Her mariners disturbed her sleep nights after nights
Coleridge's the ancient mariner fell in the same condition over nights
Though the ground was different to the voyage 
At one point all depends on the anchorage of the memory of sorrows and joys
So the soiled body wants to leave this place where days and nights arrive
At last being tired this body flies to the place
Where nobody can blame or claim against or in favour of . 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The World As It Seems to Be

So many people dashed to the garden 
Saturated with the fragrance of the roses
The lake with the lily flowers welcomes so smilingly in the drowsy world
As Alfred Tennyson once drew the art of the lotus-eaters 
The Victorian age, the unstable world made them forgetful 
How to spend time in sleepy mood eating lotus and not to go back to the house door
In this dreamful ease, lotus a boon for them passing time in oblivion
What a riot! How pathetic the life's painting in the daily busy world!
With all the fervor in this sick world many of us like to go back to that forest and river
How to get relief from the unstable whirling of the stormy sea
The mariners of the ship find the way to join that forgetfulness 
Of the lotus - eaters. 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

In This Snowy Darkening Night 

My heart is burning 
Irregular breath taking
Yet I ride on and recite
I dive and swim in the sea
And fly over the sand, the hills covered with the green
My heart is burning in pain 
Feel like crying in this snowy hill
Suppressing all my excitement I proceed
So sound I sleep, no friction be fed
No hindrance of the perpetual silence
How deep and dark! 
To live a day more to fight with
A day more to fill the heart
Oh! the fresh air in the green leafy fields.
Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The Winter Sun

The night is cold
The world seems to be gasping in an unknown pain
Reflecting over the psyche
On what it muses, sketches the day's chunky blanket
The night is bare and smoggy
Waiting so eagerly for the sun
The body under the quilt slips down silently 
To the sunny enchantment of the mustard flowers
Being left and right, playing hide and seek
The night descends on 
My rosy love mixes up to the shady moon
I fight all the way in my prowess
Only that I can be your humming bee
The sun rises, the fog disperses
Mixes- up the sky and the sun to the horizon 
O the yellow lily - a surprise on the Gomti River 
You, the morning sun more than gold or diamond
The prow of the ship on the vast ocean
Awakening the earth, opening very close altogether
The mustard yellow flowers - an overwhelming spot  
Water flows on the glinting yellow lily. 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

In The Midst Of

In the midst of hope and despair
Just like the vines on the tree
I find myself shrouded in your arms and breast
O my blessed love
I do play and hiss in an ecstasy of joy
It is as if the dunes of night curtaining all over the earth
The birds flying and chirping on the trees
In the midst of light and shade 
The sun is setting; the egrets matching the white clouds in the sky
Spreading their wings here and there
The bats in their melodious respiration flock together
How charming they coax to each other! 
Abruptly all become silent 
And hang on the large banyan tree for the whole night rest
The light of the day slanted in the west in the blink of an eye 
In the midst of joy and despair 
We are standing on the bank of the river of past and present.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh