Poetry from Mahbub Alam

South Asian man with short brown hair and glasses and brown eyes and a brown coat, collared shirt, and green and black tie. Headshot against a blue background.
Mahbub Alam

The Birds

Birds have no economy in their feathers

Flying towards limitless in the vast

No import or export calculation

For crossing the bars

No account or accountability for visa and passport

The vibrating heart swings to travel  —-

Without getting checked here and there in the bounty of nature.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

28 April, 2023

The Evening Birds

You birds, fly away soon after my eyes fall on

Sounding sha sha in the wind

Suddenly the silence speaks out

Where do you fly away, dear?

Where is your destiny in this lovely evening hour?

On the way the green paddy fields

The blue sky over head, the large trees

Among all of them, you birds,

Fly on and on and fly away soon

Though to have some more and left me incomplete desire

Flapping so fast in this sweet evening, where?

Where is your ending point on the other side of my eyes, dear?

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

28 April, 2023