Poetry from Mahliyo Raximboyeva

Central Asian teen girl with long black hair and a white lacy blouse. She's sitting at a long tan table reading a book.
Mahliyo Raximboyeva


(in front of the statue of Zulfiyakhanim)

There is a statue, very big,

Showing the face of Tashkent.

Apricots stand near the statue,

Talking slowly with the spring season.

Feeling a strange feeling in the heart,

I enter the garden with excitement.

My eyes fall on a long corridor,

There is no refreshment like this anywhere.

Flowers in the hands of girls every spring,

All are wearing badges.

These mysterious melodies play the poet’s heart,

Zulfiya is standing, missing us.


Look carefully and carefully with hope,

How many patterns, ornaments, polishes are given.

He calls to this abode,

A mighty statue is watching over us.

There is a statue, great…

Mahliyo Rahimboyeva was born on November 2, 2002 in Gurlan district of Khorezm region. Currently, he is a 2nd-year student of the Faculty of Philology of Urganch State University, studying philology and languages: Uzbek studies. Mahliya is one of the talented students, the collection of poetry “Tabassum Tarovati” and the monograph “Symbols related to the image of nature in the works of Rauf Parfi” were published. In addition, Mahliyo actively participates in republican and international conferences with his articles and theses. Literary-artistic and journalistic articles have been published in regional and republican newspapers and magazines.