Poetry from Makhfiratkhon Abdurakhmonova

Young Central Asian teen girl with a headscarf standing outside in the dark by an outdoor brick building with books shelved into the wall.
Makhfiratkhon Abdurakhmonova
You are the Miracle of the World (for girls)

You are strong,
You are brave,
You are beautiful,
In every single way.

You are capable,
Of achieving your dreams,
Of overcoming obstacles,
And making them seem small it seems.

You have a heart,
Full of love and compassion,
And with every beat,
It radiates so much passion.

You are unique,
A one-of-a-kind gem,
A miracle of this world,
And someone's perfect friend.

So don't let anyone tell you
That you're anything less than great.
Because you are amazing
And destined for something great!

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