Poetry from Manzar Alam

Middle aged South Asian man with a purple suit and tie, reading glasses, and short brown shoulder length hair.
Manzar Alam

Spring Grows Dim

Where art thou gone, oh where ---
Across the deep sea, riding on
Stormy waves and chilly winds?
Did we know it, did we care?

Realization creeps in among us
Now that it is too late,
The sun that beamed once
Is now forever mutely sit.

Didn't though hazard thy life
Ours to save from ruin---
Gone forth in search of light
All our dark souls to illuminate.

Oh, the spring is come again,
The spring that went with thee
Merry goes the world as it did ---
Anxiety or care strives in rain...

Nature wears her face as bright
Wind blows as merrily as oft
None sees wrong with sun and wind
Flowers nod as sweet and soft.

Birds fly from tree to tree
Rivers flow, murmuring low
Among the thickets, over the plains
Boatmen sit aright, sing and row.

Only here is no spring for us
Spring is poor without him
Shadowed with our grief and sigh
The smile of spring grows dim.    

Manzar Alam from Bangladesh. By profession I am a college teacher.

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  1. Felicidades por el contenido y a sus participantes.Men encanta ver a los jovenes participando con tan bellas letras. Les auguro éxitos y más.

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