Poetry from Mark Young

still stands time

Is it a cheat to refer

to the second single

from the album Evaluate

the condition condition

if it gives you time to

take action to ensure

that your cows calve

in adequate body con-

dition &/or provides

early warning of

wellbore instability?

largely / a gathering / of central bankers

Imagine running a
business where allies
of the Shadows seek
revenge against
humanity. I have
a quirk about multi-
location Cloud
Attendance, especially

when the call to
arms is augmented
with global load
balancing. The
native name of
Armenia is Hayastan.

Bird photography

In many ways it seems 
like the national park that
time forgot. So, if you’re 

looking at being more 
mobile for a bash on the
unpredictable ground

there, then forgo sky-
high stilettos & put 
sandbags over the legs.

Why segregate?

Only 11% of the total a-

mount of waste in Metro

Manila is recycled. Shuai

chiao throws aren’t that

different to judo but

have come a long way

since the early alpha/beta

builds. She has never bought

a six-pack of beer in a grocery

store or developed a new

technique for measuring a

baby’s lung function after

birth. In a polycrystalline solid,

watch for fragbots coming off.

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