Poetry from Mark Young


 Jean, dansant
 It was a temp-
 oral regression 
 from which 
 he returned 
 singing La 
 between mouth-
 fuls of an egg &
 lettuce sand-
 wich. Arch-
 ival footage 
 shows there
 were times
 when he had
 all four feet
 off the ground. 
 the Holy Roman 
 Empire would 
 come to be regarded
 as the first 
 successful franchise. 
 Initially, however, it 
 didn't seem to have 
 a hope of making it 
 until Emperor Constantine
 finally paid attention
 to the local cuisine 
 & replaced the 
 basic communion wafer
 with bite-sized pide.
 Working on a capsicum farm
 Way before television, up & down 
 the main street on a Saturday night. 
 Olive oil heated in a large sauce-
 pan, a high energy production. 
 Unanimously well received. Great 
 feedback for a never say die team. 
 "The intention is to allow people 
 to stay living in their own homes," 
 Carol explained. "We're hoping 
 those people who want to become 
 train drivers will wear white on 
 the night − lots of lace, no denim. 
 "It's so rewarding to see them once
 they step out of their comfort zone."
 Out & About
 When last heard of she was
 said to be running a clinic &
 outreach program for theo-
 dolites made redundant by
 an uptake of GPS devices. No-
 one can pinpoint its location.
 that the voices 
 in my head have
 deserted me, 
 who is there 
 left to talk to?

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