Poetry from Mark Young

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Wombat security has come into

being because the Northern hairy-

nosed wombat has developed 

the bad habit of turning into

barrow-wights during their bur-

row nights & setting up spam

factories where they target a

subset of their species — the

nosey hairy ones — who can’t

resist acting on any included 

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age because anything is better

than being kept in the dark 

& driven wombatshit crazy.

Similarity Stops Here

What follows has nothing

in common with what went

before, even though the trees

& lawns seem to be the same. 


Tupperware may be 

going out of business 

tomorrow, but will 

there be any differ-

ence between tomor-

row’s Tupperware item 

& one from yesterday?


Track your way down a 

dichotomous tree; &, at 

each division, it can be

safely said that when the 

similarities stop, you’ve

identified another species.


If you drive your car over

a cliff, then at that moment

when the plane shifts from

the horizontal to the vertical 

you would think that you

could safely say the similar-

ities stop then. Except, you’re

still in the car, & Schrödinger’s 

cat is on the seat beside you.

Exorcizing the endocrine glands

Halfway through the 

night, with the moon 

halfway through its 

phases, I rise to take 

in the night air, leaving 

behind a poem that is

halfway to nowhere.

A line from Colonel Sanders

Criminal courts exist. Their proto-

cols are approved. For these 

future challenges, many gulfs

can be bridged by an esterified 

canola oil based product with a

non-ionic surfactant added. But

everyone reacts differently to grief;

so, if you’re wired for anxiety, then

an efficacious & speedy way to

overcome the loss of something is

to design a nuclear submarine using

only objects found in the kitchen.