Poetry from Mavluda Rusiyeva

Mavluda Rusiyeva

If I say moon……

They said don’t talk, they cut my tongue.

They blocked my way to my beloved,

When I say the moon, they say there is a spot on the moon.

They hung me in the sky of bad!

Put the wine of bad in my cup,

They poisoned my tongue with longing

I’m patient again so that they don’t talk

He told me to go to my grave without you!

I took what I knew to what I didn’t know

I’m sorry I didn’t see you

When you’re far away from me

I felt like I understood, the suffering of bad!…

What a feeling, what a passion,

When I miss you when I can’t speak

If I open up from the rocks like tulips,

I’m sorry if I can’t reach you.

If they cut it off, oh, foreign hands,

Are the roads blocked for you!

These deserts were bright,

Loneliness tormented those ways…..?

Is there a thorn in the flower you stretched out?

Are you as strong as me?

My hair is torn, I sleep in bad,

Is my heart so hard for your love…?

I can’t find my way to you

I cried because of longing,

I took the letter I wrote in my hand,

They threw me into the sky of longing.

I didn’t know what love was,

Don’t you love me more than life

If you love, why did you leave me alone?

If I am the moon, you are my sun!

They said don’t talk, they cut my tongue.

They hung in the sky of longing,

They blocked my way to you

They blocked my way to you

They wrote that love is a burden!!

They cut my tongue saying don’t talk.

Without you, my heart and soul have died..!

Mavluda Ruziyeva was born On June 19, 1967,Samarkand region

She was born in the village of “Honaqa” in Ishtikhan district.

Member of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan since 2006, admitted to the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan in 2022.

She is the author of poetry and prose works, books of essays such as “One Love Fate”, “Bring My Mother Back Stars”, “Unrecognizable From Words”, “Double Rivers”, “Meeting in a Dream”, “The Night the Moon Laughed”.