Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

Young South Asian man with glasses and red-orange hair posing inside a room with a window and wearing a red collared shirt.
Only My Love Is True

Everything is true in the sun
Only my love is false in your world
Everything is alive like fountain
Only my soul is dead as stone.

Time kills  the sound of kisses
 And vanishes where love was born
The Sahara counts the desires of the stars
The wild night writes love letter
I hide in the kiss of celestial time
Memories speak in your footprint 
I make the way you walk with love
Searching your fragrance in every flower
Hearing the appearing sound in rain drop 
I see dead love in few stones
As you have not touched them
The crowd becomes desert
If you are silent
The land of joy turns into fire
If you are not there
Everything is dead
Only I am alive
Everything is false
Only my love is true.