Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

South Asian man with reading glasses and red shoulder length hair. He's got a red collared shirt on.
Mesfakus Salahin
Moon Without Language 

The moon doesn't just shine 
Burns the darkness of the night
 Fire burns in the eyes
 Flowers bloom in the flesh of fire
 In the midst of emptiness brings infinite fullness 
Build the construction.
 Even if everyone disappoints, the moon does not 
The emotion of the first letter is in his skandha 
Breakfast radiates love
 Like the unspoken eye language of a girl Waiting at an open window with a tower in her hair 
Or like a long-enveloped rose petal 
Lover's hands will be dyed
 Or as unknown letters on the pages of the heart.

I touched the body of the naked moon Touched day after day 
I saw the mystery of the fingers of the ancient scholars 
Shaking, shaking my life line
 There is a river of voices in fear
 Saw delirium delusion smell of cinnamon From start to finish.