Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

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Mesfakus Salahin

Let Me Say

-Everything has an age. Every flower is in time. Love also has an age. You are not enough aged to do that.
-Everything may have fixed time but love does not demand age.Even it does not depend on place and person.
-What do you want to say.
-It is simple. I think very simple. You are enough aged to understand me.
-Don't talk like a philosopher. Shoot the wee! How bright again?
-Don't talk in this way. You should not underestimate me. Size don't matter.
-ha ha. Size don't matter but chopping wood.
Cathy is laughing loudly. She looks at Cotty carefully and says with pleasant harmonic sound
- Want to be Jerry. Every one is not Jerry.
Not everyone can be Jerry. It is good to be smart but not so good to be over smart.
-Size don't matter but producing love.
-Ha ha ha....... You are a love machine. What is the name of your love industry?
Cathy is laughing again. The symbol of mystery  plays in  of her fresh eyes. Her  eyes of twenty years are deep and clear. Her smiles sometimes tells the hidden stories of heart.
Cotty suddenly tells
- I don't know. Oh, yes l don't want to be Jerry.
I want to be your partner.
-Partner? What are you saying? Are you in good condition? I think you are out of control.
Control yourself  and speak properly. Little creature!
-Why do you treat me in this way? l am not so that you think. I am more than me.
-Is it, isn’t it? You are junior to me.
-So what?
- Strange! Of course this is a fact.
-I love you and this is true. Love does not depend on age.
-But l do not love you.
-That is your own business. I love you and love you. No one can stop it. Even you. The water of rivers flows on and will flow forever.Wind blows and will blow.
- You must stop.
-Never. If love starts it never stops. Love has only beginning but no end.
-You are talking like an experienced guy
-Everything does not have experience. From where and from whom did Adam, the first man, our ancestor, get experience? He is the first but not inexperienced in the world. Still now we are are learning from him  and becoming experienced. 
-Really you are a torch bearer of love. I could not read you properly.
-I do not want to express myself in this way. Please do not say in this way. Try to understand me.
-Cotty, you are so small and my love is so vast.
- You are right. The sea is so vast and the boat is so small. But the small boat can float easily on the vast sea. I want to be a boat for your sea.I wish I were a boat for your sea.

Two birds come and sit beside them. Cotty looks them with love and Cathy looks at Cotty. Both of them are wordless. They are in deep freeze.
The birds are exceptionally beautiful. They are more attractive than time. But everything is transitory to Cathy. She only finds the definition of love in the eyes of Cotty. Cathy wants to break the iceberg. She becomes close to Cotty. She wants to say something to Cotty but can't. There is someone whom she does not see,  lives in her inner world, pretends her to say. She conquers something and says
Cotty stops Cathy's lips and says
-Let me say
- What?
-That you want to say.
-Actually I... I....
-Let me say.
Both of them say but only the gentle breeze hears them. The birds starts to sing song of love.


Two Immortal Souls in a Grave

-Who are you?
-I am a boy of unlucky seven.
-Unlucky !  Unlucky seven! Why are you unlucky?  l don’t understand.
-Unlucky is unlucky. l am a unlucky guy.
-Tell me at first your name.
- I am Justin. My friends call me Just.
Oh! What are you doing here.
-I have come here to talk to my father. Everyday l come here to talk to my father.
- Strange! Where is your father? I can not see anybody around us.
- How can you see him? He is not with you or none in this world.
-Where is he? How can you talk to him?
-He is in this grave. This is my father's grave. This is my father's grave. I lost him one year ago.
Justin starts weeping. Tears come from his eyes. He sees everything from his heart.
Collins says with strange voice
-This is your father's grave? Oh no.
-Is there Anything wrong?
-No, no.
-I think you are hiding something from me.
- l lost my father in my childhood.
-So you are same to me. Your father is dead and my father is dead. We are alive but we are in death. Everytime we are dying.
-What are you saying?
-Yes. death touches us every moment. Life is transitory but death is permanent. It is absolutely true. We are walking towards death. Grave is waiting for us.
-I am surprised  to hear your words. You are so accurate. But a little boy like you how can express all these things.
- I am not so little as you think. All people were born at a time. But the time is different of coming this world. So souls are not junior or Senior.  Only the bodies are junior or senior.
-Who have told you?
-My mother, my world.
-Do you believe your mother.
- I respect my mother and I believe my mother.
She is my everything.
-Where does your mother live?

Justin very simply says
- I live with my mother. We live in a hut. The hut is one kilometer from here. I come here everyday on foot because I have not enough money. I am a student but l have to work to live. My mother forbids me to do work but l do work to support her. I do not want to depend fully on him.
-What does your mother do?
-She is self reliant. She makes different kinds of pizza and sells to the customers. If l earn sufficient I will not let her do anything.
-Your mother is lucky and you are also lucky.
-Why do you think so?
-My mother is unlucky and l am also unlucky.
- My mother is alive and she does not keep me with her. She lives in nursing home.
I earn huge and l have enough money but she does not take any help from me.
-What is the reason?
-This is my misfortune. Once she asked me money but I Didn't give her.
-Why didn’t you give her money?
-I don’t know,  I don’t know the real cause.
Collin starts to cry like a child.
-l think you did a great mistake. Go to your mother and ask her to forgive you.
-I have lost the real track.
-Why have you come here?
- I have come here to talk to my father.
-Which one is your father's grave.
Collin shows the grave of Justin and says
- This is my father's grave.
-Are you mad?  This is my father's grave. You are wrong. Every  day I come here to pray for him and l have never seen you here before.
- From now I have lost everything. 
- You have lost nothing because your mother is alive. Go to her and do your duty. Don’t lament for your father.

Tears of Collin's eyes  are falling down on the grasses  of his father's grave. The grasses are shouting but who knows what they are saying.
Collin starts to walk through a new way but he   follows his footprints of his past. Suddenly he hears the voice of his father
- Collin, do not forget me.
Collin looks back but he doesn't see neither his father nor Justin.


Come Back to Love

Slavery is not love
Love is not shaped in slavery
It is unconditional tree's flowers
That grow and bloom to spread beauty
In two inconvenient considerable hearts.
Nothing is alternative to produce love
Sacrifice  is the beauty of love
That removes the anxieties of slavery
Brutal force cannot conquer strange islands
It is love that absorbs waves of the sea of pain
Everything can be separated but it can't be
It can't be broken up for colonizers
Wear the clothes of hope and possibility
Fight against dark and hunted nights

Share love like an endless fountain
Whoever we are and wherever we live
Love's dream is to be individually freedom and collectively independent
Cut off doubt and disbelief
Come back to love.

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