Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

You Are Nobody


Now you are nobody
No one
The name is also past
The world has given permission
You have no right
You are now a corpse.

Now you are nobody
You are nobody's father
You are nobody's child
You are nobody's husband
You are nobody's brother
No one is yours
You are dead now.

Now you are nobody
Dr. or doctor
Rich or poor
Employed or unemployed
Friend or foe
You are now an emotionless corpse.

Now you are nobody
You are not yours
A few pieces of new clothes,
A little perfume to make the air heavy,
The scent of sandalwood,
Both the eyes will have the same color
Your travel companion

Now you are nobody
Everyone is busy seeing you off
Soap foam
Plum leaf hot water
The special Palki
Green bamboo planks
waiting for you.

The call to prayer was given to your ears at the time of birth
Today is his last prayer
Many will come in groups
Two handfuls of earth to hide you
Everyone will go back, everyone
Today you are nobody's business
Now you are nobody.

What you thought was yours for so long Today are others
The ones you thought were yours for so long Today they are not yours
You have nothing
Without deed.
Time will mock pride's vanity.

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