Poetry from Michael Robinson

Middle aged Black man facing the camera with his face resting on his hand
Michael Robinson

For those who leave us too soon.

At that moment, when the cup is full of warm tears that flow.

Flowing from my heart in that moment it is the tears that keep me.

Moments when the tears flow into my cup of sadness at night.

It is in that moment when the world falls away and there are tears.

Tears keep me company into the night into the morning sun warms.

These are the moments when there makes no sense to my senses.

Listening to your voice come to me you fall asleep in my arms.

Tears are for that moment, and you are not gone for a moment.

You are not gone from me more than a moment in my life.


Heavenly Father through Jesus your son.

Faith has not ceased in the winter snows.

Snows of disappointment of life’s bitterness.

Through the loss of hope in the world of man.

During confusing times of doubt, he came.

Carrying me to El Shaddai your mountain.

Your mountain in which lies above the clouds.

Above the mighty seas that would cover me.

Jesus comes to carry my soul gently into eternity.

Sorrows would swallow me without thy mercy.

Thru thy mighty breath life shall return to me.

Your light shines upon me by your love and grace.

Grace giving thru your tender mercy for my soul


For Olga Shearer 


My heart rest sitting in the Sanctuary alone. 

A cross reminder of Jesus’ Resurrection. 

An afternoon when there is contentment to live. 


It is the solitude of devotion to the Heavenly Father. 

Quietly smelling the sweetness of life come to me. 

This sweetness has touched me many times. 


“Heavenly Father, alone with you there is peace within.  

A fragrance of Heaven in the air this afternoon with you. 

An aroma that humbles me in solitude only found with you. 

A reminder of your grace and mercy have given for my soul.”  


For Ms. Sherly, you have given me comfort.

My merciful Father has given me grace since the beginning.

A soul gave contrition for life which was grace seen or unseen.

This penance is given by me for gratitude in Jesus’s name.

My pleas were heard by you and deliverance came upon me.

Heavenly Father there is silence in my whole being for you.

Never did my soul forget your loving spirit imparted in me.

Your grace with mercy for a life-giving for me.

Silence to remember what it was like before time.

Connected to all that was of grace for me to live.

Now heaven has been restored and peace comes

A chapel in which Jesus comes giving me comfort.

Jesus’ resurrection allows me to be covered in eternity.