Poetry from Michael Robinson

Middle aged Black man facing the camera with his face resting on his hand
Michael Robinson

Dedicated to Vilma “Willie” Murphy

God’s moment, as we touch each other's hearts.
Our souls move beyond the words of time.
A gentle touch of our hands bonding together.

The quietness of your heart touches my soul.
I’m transformed by the love you gave to me.
A glance of your twinkling eyes meets my heart.

We glance into the heavens, for we are never separated.
Eternal thoughts held together by a string of joy of life.
I kiss you on your forehead to remind me of your spirit.
A kiss and a kind thought remains a part of me forever.

One thought on “Poetry from Michael Robinson

  1. I celebrate at the same time that I envy the closeness of the relationship you shared with your loved one. I pray that one day I may feel that closeness with another.

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