Poetry from Muhammad Sani Habibat

*The Lost Balloons*

In this year's Canvass
Balloons embark on an ethereal plane
Above the sky, balloons soar in farewell weather
With each gentle breeze, their spirits take flight
Escaping gravity's hold.
A doctor's healing touch
A neighbors nod
An Aunt's counsel
A friend's embrace disappears.
As they ride neutral balloon in the sky of departure
Balloons which left colors of pains and grief's heavy veil
Carrying stories of dreams like frayed nylon
A symphony of farewell under the same sun.
As their eyes close *Almaut* '' they whisper.
Guided by *Manrobbuka* call
A question asked as souls commence their dance
In whispered prayers their name etched my tongue.
As my eyes curse this silent stranger's bitter sting,
How do I say this?
the courageous ''Moremi'' has lost her courage as every passing time, it shrinks like the sand of
In my talk to the Almighty '' Let their nostrils perceive the sweet fragrance of paradise''

Muhammad Habibat Sani (Ummuyasmeen) is a 300-level law student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. As a poet and story writer, she uses words to explore themes of loss, courage, and spirituality.

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