Poetry from Munavvar Boltayeva

Young Central Asian woman with brown eyes and long straight black hair. She's got earrings and makeup on and is wearing a white top and a blue jacket.
Munnavar Boltayeva


If my head bows near the enemies.  
they took away my rights.  
I am left alone, 
I am speechless... 
Don't cry just looking at me, mother...

One day will come, 
I believe it will be a bright day. Everyone respects me and loves me. 
Then I will be your proud child. Don't cry just looking at me mom...

Well, whatever we say, 
I'm your unlucky daughter. 
You call me a flower, you call me a moon face, but I am not like that. 
I look beautiful only in your eyes. 
Just don't hide from me and cry, mom...

Munavvar Boltayeva