Poetry from Muntasir Mamun Kiron

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Muntasir Mamun Kiron

Beneath the azure sky so wide,
With tender care and hopeful pride,
We plant a seed, a promise there,
A gift to Earth, a breath of air.

In soil rich, the sapling grows,
A silent vow the future knows,
Green leaves will dance in morning light,
A shelter born from dark to bright.

Each tree a guardian, standing tall,
A haven for the great and small,
Roots dig deep, their strength to share,
Whispers of life in the forest’s care.

So plant with love, with heart and hand,
A verdant dream across the land,
For every tree a story sown,
A legacy in green, our own.

Muntasir Mamun Kiron is a student of grade ten in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

One thought on “Poetry from Muntasir Mamun Kiron

  1. This is a good poem! Trees ensure the future, and good leaders think about trees when they make plans. Today’s Grade 10 poets will be the leaders of the 2030s.

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