Poetry from Mykyta Ryzhykh

prison instead of help
coexistence instead of love
unnecessary reform
one coffee and hotel room per person
there are many ways to show your dislike

Reprint by Crank

mom sews a vagina for her daughter like a red rag for tears
mom wants soldiers to give flowers to her daughters

the cemetery is silent about flowers

daughter collects khaki and throws it into the toilet
daughter screams that she does not need such flowers

graves are silent about the dead

Reprint by Rat's Ass Review

this poem 
will not be written 
by anyone because the author 
will go to the supermarket for vodka
and never come back

Reprint by Tipton poetry journal

the leaves don't resent it when you step on them
the bones barely crunch when you do 
people barely crunch on such occasions.
death is like a land mine doesn't resent it when you step on it 

Reprint by Tipton poetry journal

what does the right pike of a suicide exposed to the wind say?
what happens to the frostbitten left cheek?

mother's biblical face turns silky as son pulls out graveyard surprise box from under his bed

internet people live the longest

a dog that died ten years ago still puts 
likes on social media 
instead of its killed dog owner

while God is sleeping, the children press all sorts of buttons on his smartphone 
and do not understand what this leads to
angels drink living water meanwhile and get drunk

what is the name of the little boy who will never become Jesus Christ?

Dynastic hands of the dead
No one will teach palms to cry

Money can't be earned аnd neither can respect
Money and respect can only be stolen from talent

What can poetry be talking 
about in the 21st century besides blood?

The ruins warm the bodies 
of the future dead

death allows itself to be late in the form of rain that washes away all the moles from the body
no one allows you to return to childhood with a cheek turned up for a blow
meanwhile the window is slammed shut wide open
meanwhile the birds sew up the sky tightly
time turns into sand from which we built a house
house is grass house is glass
religion trauma of cold speech
torn tongue crunching leaves underfoot
the breathless unborn god underfoot
and above the heads of the airy sky which is no more

the little wolf cub is looking for wolf jesus but can't find him
animals are too humane to crucify each other
animals are just physically hungry

Jesus received the resurrection 
certificate from the hands of the centurion

the dove sat on the arm of the tree 
and silently watched

there is no more home
ruins play the stones of a scream

There's no more peace because 
someone skipped a history lesson 
on Hiroshima at school

as soon as 
і wake up from sleep
і frantically begin to suck 
the dick 
of my rifle 
as if there was no war


The Ditch

Man is something thrown into the ditch of world history. One day some guy went to get some alcohol at some store and ended up in the hospital. Judging from the pics on instagram, I would have liked this guy, and he also has nice long finger nails. Only I still don't know for sure if he's gay or if he just dresses so provocatively that he gets attacked by scumbags on the streets.

Once a famous poet went to get alcohol in one of the few stores and disappeared. These were the days of Soviet terror. I never understood what wrong this poet had done. 

One day a Jew was walking near the palace (probably looking for where to buy alcohol). The guards came up to him and grabbed him. And then, on Nero's orders, the unfortunate Jew was crucified. Why this happened is unclear to me. Perhaps after such an incident Christianity was born.

That's why I don't drink alcohol and use courier delivery as a rule. I also think it is important to note that I want to dye my hair ashy.