Poetry from Nilufar Ergasheva

Young Central Asian woman with long black hair, cross earrings, a blue collared shirt, and a black wristwatch. Trees in the background.


Autumn leaves us badly,

Fall down dear maple trees…

Autumn is hard for us

Began to sell faiths, plows.

The price will be high,

Endless love means.

Last winter was like a famine

I have had enough of patience.

…Oh, it’s winter!

The blanket of the village is on fire!

Every ignorant, stupid person dried the pillow.


“I write!

I don’t care!”

I walk one step,

of wide hills

Can I restore your clothes?

In which sun will I dry now,

Dad’s waterproof boots.

The eyelashes of pleasant gardens are wet,

Like me, he reads and cries at night.

This is a village, even if it is a patchwork

He had a whole heart!

When the foxes outside tease

Snakes wait in the shelter,



Thief dogs are fun

My dad’s only boot is amazing!

Nilufar Ergasheva was born in 2005 in Fergana region. Erkin Vahidov graduated from creative school. Currently, she is a student of the 1st stage of UzMU. Winner of the State Prize named after Zulfiya.

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