Poetry from Olimova Zarina Ahadovna

Olimova Zarina Ahadovna


To be born is wisdom and to be dead is a lesson,

It continues from beginning to the end.

The wisdom that was given to Louis Braille,

It has been winning over the heart for two hundred years.

Purposeful dreams are the beginning of happiness,

This is the call of the wise world.

High invention with six points,

This is the book of Braille's life.

His letter illuminates the gist of each writing,

It is an unequal secret from historical comprehension.

Six letters that were created by Louis Braille,

They became distributed from six points.

Striving for the path of dreams,

It is the gift of God for man.

Striving for happiness in the heart of imperfection,

It is the right path of the eye of the heart for the blind.

On the mysterious ways of life's exams,

Man tries his luck and happiness.

Braille on the way of science

Is an opportunity that is given to the blind.

Olimova Zarina Ahadovna was born on April 26, 1984 in the village of Buzrugon, Zandane, Peshko District, Bukhara Region, in a family of intellectuals.

In 1991-2002, she studied at the 24th special boarding school for blind children in Bukhara, and in 2002-2006 at the Uzbek Philology Faculty of Samarkand State University named after Alisher Navoi. In 2006-2008, Navoi completed a master’s degree in “Uzbek language specialization” at the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute.

In 2007-2014, the Blind Society of Uzbekistan was a member of the local organization of Bukhara city.

In 2008-2009, she worked on a public basis as the chairman of the cultural-educational, youth and women’s council of the Blind Society of Uzbekistan in the administration of Bukhara region.

In 2009-2014, she taught native language, literature, and stage speech to students at Peshko Agriculture and Bukhara City cultural Vocational College.

In 2010, she was admitted to the department of Uzbek philology at Bukhara State University as an independent researcher.

On 02.01.2011, she was accepted as an intern-researcher-researcher at the department of Uzbek philology of this educational institution. Doctor of Philology, Professor Shoira Nematovna Akhmedova, conducted scientific research on the candidate’s thesis on “Literary and aesthetic views of Hamil Yakubov”.In the same year, she participated in the competition of essays and essays held by the Onkia organization of Japan among blind people of Asia with an essay called “The role of blind people in the future of society”. He has published more than thirty scientific and journalistic articles, theses and essays. Four of them were published in the press of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Egypt and published on the official website of Japan.

 In 2011-2014, she was a member of the Bukhara city branch of the “National Revival” social democratic party.

 In 2008-20123, she worked as a responsible secretary in the “Nurafshon Tongi” magazine, which is a newsletter of the Bukhara regional administration of the Blind Society of Uzbekistan.

From April 1, 2014 to November 10, 2014, the Bukhara region branch of the Blind Society of Uzbekistan held courses for members of the society who want to learn computers. Actively participated in competitions and cultural-educational events held by the Society of the Blind of Uzbekistan and many other organizations and won prizes. As a creator, she wrote poems, scientific and popular articles in the newspapers “Karakalpakistan Literature”, “Morning of Karakalpakistan”, “Hurriyat” and “New morning ” of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as poems in the pages of “Slavyanski Lira”, “World of Turkish Poets” Almanac collection, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Azerbaijan International Journal and published articles and abstracts at conferences.

 Since February 18, 2015, she has been working as a teacher of “Uzbek State Language” at the special boarding school for blind and visually impaired children No. 10 in Nukus. Olimova stands out from other employees in the institution due to her mobility at work, implementation of new projects and her unique approach to teaching processes. She established the cooperation of the Boarding School with the Writers’ Union of Karakalpakstan. She always organizes creative meetings with poets and writers, organizes reading competitions among students, holds creative memory evenings. She works tirelessly on herself and never gets tired of searching.

Since 2017, she has been a member of the Nukus city branch of the social democratic party “xalq” of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

In 2017, she published the books titled “Thinklights of Thought”, “The Coast of Emotions” in 2019, and “The Property of the Soul” in English in 2022 by the American publishing house Amazon.

 On 25.05.2018, on 25.05.2019, she was awarded an Honorary Certificate by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, and in 2019 by the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan. Parliamentary Commission of the Public Fund for the Support of Non-Governmental Non-Commercial Organizations and Other Institutions of Civil Society under the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan: 26.07.2019 Transferred in accordance with Appendix 1 of Decision No. 27According to the result of the 2nd competition, she was declared the winner Society of the Blind of Uzbekistan of Nukus city division. Led the project called “encouraging people with physical disabilities (especially young people) to regularly read Uzbek, Karakalpak and world literature and in the conditions of the pandemic, Uzbek was among the active organizers of the “most active young reader” contest held online in the Telegram network on June 10, 2020, in cooperation with the Uzbek-Nukus city unit, the Karakalpakstan Writers’ Union, and the Karakalpak Literature newspaper. June 1 – on the occasion of International Children’s Day “Give the world to children!” ACCORDING TO THE RESULTS OF THE COMPETITION held under the slogan. On the direction of political science Zarina Olimova won the 1st place for the “Sun and Book” Category and was awarded the 1st degree diploma of the Kazakhstan branch of the “World Talents” Association and was accepted as a member of this organization.

  In addition, on 19.06.2020, 30.07.2020, the international online contest organized by the Union of Republican Politicians of Qoraqalpakistan in order to widely promote and audio record the work of Guliston Matyokubova, laureate of the international association “искусство народа мира”, honored cultural worker of Uzbekistan, national poetess of  Karakalpakstan, was held on the Telegram network “ “bouquet of creativity” public channel and “Literary friendship – eternal friendship! (bouquet of creativity) managed online through the public group. For this beneficial action during the pandemic, on 30.07.2020 She was officially admitted to the membership of the Union of “Central Asian Writers and Historians” (a non-governmental non-profit organization) and was awarded the medal “Turonian unity – Mykti Kalamger” by the board of this organization.

  On 12.08.2020, on 25.08.2020, the Visually Impaired Society of Uzbekistan organized the “Vatan mening nigohimda” competition organized by the Karakalpakstan branch on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  On 16.09.2020, at the awarding ceremony of the presentation of the results of the Immortal Jamal poet competition held in Samarkand region, Z. Olimova was officially awarded the “Amir Temur” commemorative badge of the “Amir Temur” International Charitable Foundation for the “Unity of Turon” of the “Central Asian Writers and Historians” Association and active actions in the cultural and educational sphere. Member of the Kyrgyz Poet-Writers creative fund organized under the Kyrgyz National Union of Writers. This creative foundation won the proud 2nd place in the Karakalpak region of the International Contest on the theme “Mother”.

   On 09-02-2021, on the occasion of the 580th anniversary of Alisher Navoi, she won the 1st place among the participants of the Karakalpak region in the international competition organized by the Union of “Writers and Historians of Central Asia” and was awarded with a Diploma and Medal named after Alisher Navoi.

  In November 2021, she was awarded the “Spiritual Sacrifice” State Award for her active activities in the International and Community. Since June 10, 2022, the Republic of Uzbekistan has been a member of the Leader Women’s Platform.

  On December 3, 2023, she was awarded the State Award “Excellence of the People” for her book published in America and for his active participation in the Cairo University conference in Egypt.

  In January 2023, she was admitted to the membership of the “International Association of Turanian Writers” organized under the “Turan Academy of Sciences”. She was admitted to the membership of the “Kosh qanot” creative fund of Kazakhstan and was awarded the “For International Services” medal. In February, her poems were published in the newspaper “Yangi Jalalabad” of the Kyrgyz Republic. Her poems were also included in the anthology of Uzbek artists published in Great Britain.

  In February 2023, Germany was admitted to the membership of the Academy of “Literature, Culture and Communication” and was awarded a diploma for international services by this academy. Academician of the German Academy of Arts and Communication. Kazakhstan is a member of the “Ethno-Cultural Union of Uzbeks”. She is married and has one child.