Poetry from Orzigul Sherova

My dreams

    I believe that, living in dreams is better than living in this crazy world. Because in your dreams no one can hurt you and no one cannot resist to make your dreams come true. In a word, a person achieves the things he wants in his life, the people he loves and the situations he dreams of even in his imagination. He lives with these dreams. But if these dreams do not exist, some people will have no purpose to live in this life. There are most people, who are happy only with their dreams. There are some people, who have lost their hope in this life. They live in only their dreams.

     I used to think that I was one of these people. Because I have gone through many problems and trials. I even stopped dreaming. As if this wide world was too narrow for me. My every day were filled with problems and worries. I even forgot to laugh. I asked myself every day:

” Am I worth this life?”

” Why do I have so many problems?”

” Can not I live happily?”

” Am I such a bad person?”

” When wil this life end?”

I had a lot of questions, but there were not any answers.

     In one day, I have overcome my ago. I started thinking about the good things instead of complaining about life. I began to gather new sincere people around me and I spent a lot of time with them. Then, I found that these are starting to help me.  After that, I made a lot of great aims and dreams. The main thing is that, I was able to find a reason to live in this crazy life. Well, it was not easy. But I was able to it. I was able to make some of my dreams come true. I thank my dreams for that. When I get tired from problems, worries and bad situations of this life, I made a habit to live in my beautiful fantasy world. I was sure of that, dreams are like trees, they make buds, blooms, wither, shed but sprout again. Therefore, never stop dreaming!

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