Poetry from Pascal Lockwood-Villa

Santo Domingo In Pictures

The world as a postcard.
Picturesque palms line the sandy beaches
The sky-blue waves lazily roll in and out
And the sun beats down hard on three gradient backs.

The typical atomic family
sans an electron by the standards of one
one who knows that’s just out of his control at this point
So he merely grimaces and poses uncomfortably in the familial embrace he’s grown used to.

A bare-legged gaggle of legs
each of a varying, beautiful shade
all of them loving
loving each other

The immortal bareness of skin

kissed by Sol’s immortal rays
God might’ve made immortals of us
Had we been any less perfect

a single moment in time
frozen in cardstock and printer ink
Now, the sun’s rays
Never seem as bright without us three together.

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