Poetry from Pat Doyne

                 THE  GREAT  REPLACEMENT
		“Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways.”  4/24/23

		Good-bye, Tucker. We’ll miss your giggle.
		Who else makes faces on prime-time TV
		while spewing rhetorical questions?
		Who else waxes indignant
		about Bud Light’s sales pitch,
		Dr. Seuss’ fantasies,
		Mr. Potato Head’s parts,
		or “Green M&Ms go woke”?

		Here are some of Tucker’s greatest hits:
		#1   George Floyd died of a drug overdose.
		(Blasted after the autopsy ruled homicide.)
		#2   COVID-19 vaccine—Maybe it “doesn’t work, 
		and they’re simply not telling us.”
		#3   During the 2020 election, there was
		“meaningful voter fraud in Georgia.”
		#4   Russian’s invasion of Ukraine is a “territorial dispute.”
		Why take Ukraine’s side? Has Russia “killed your dog?”
		Tucker pulls conspiracies out of hats,
		recasting news as “us” vs. “them.”  

		From O’Reilly, Tucker inherited his populist schtick. 
		Like O’Reilly, the populism is fake;
		stokes suspicion and fear in “common folks.” 
		But Tucker’s racism is genuine.
		He feeds viewers raw chunks of white nationalism.
		Talks about the “Great Replacement” theory,
		a plot to replace Patriots with immigrants
		who will vote to make America second-rate.

		He’s a Fox News entertainer, not a reporter.
		But is Tucker the character he plays on TV?
		His e-mails cast doubt—
		in private, says he loathes Trump,
		but bows and scrapes in public,
		flame-throws hot topics in a squeaky voice,
		his face scrunched-up with disbelief. 

		Tucker was Kevin McCarthy’s chosen one.
		Sole winner of the January 6 video footage,
		expected to document the party line.
		So he edited out door-bashing, 
		what viewers of real news stations viewed
		with horror and dismay. 
		Tucker spliced snippet that showed tourists
		milling about peacefully.  Respectfully.
		See?  They’re trying to frame Proud Boys and Q-Anon.
		It’s them against us again.  

		But January 6 was ignited by Fox and friends. 
		Weeks and week of trash-talk—
		Dominion voting machines skewed election results,
		stole the election from #45.
		Fox hosts knew these claims were baseless,
		dished out conspiracy anyway, 
		night after night,
		to feed viewers’ outrage,
		and maintain ratings. 
		So Dominion sued.
		Fox had to pay big bucks:  $787 million.
		Someone’s head must roll!

		“We’ll be back Monday,” said Tucker--
		unaware of the sword of Damocles over his head.
		Fox took a page from its own script--
		adapted the “Great Replacement” theory.
		Replaced Tucker. 
		Good-bye, Tucker. I’m trying not to giggle. 

		Copyright 4/2023                 Patricia Doyne


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  1. Hi Pat
    This poem, as well as some of your other work, is a skwer with barbs dripping sarcasm and disdain. This will be banned in Texas, but the blue states, and most of the world, smiles and snigger up their collective sleeves. It is not nasty or personal, just the facts.

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