Poetry from Robert Ragan


Oh my fucking God

I hope you know 

I truly love you 

Had your...

Physical and mental attributes 

Listed and ready 

To make a mockery out of 

As I roasted you alive 

Despite you hurting me 

In ways no one ever had before 

I still can't bring myself 

To say these things to you 

Invisible girl 

No one ever noticed 

 It killed you 

And when they did notice 

They drove by and barked at you 

Well baby if you think that was traumatizing 

Then the things I could say about you 

Would make you want 

To take your own life 

Of course you're not reading this 

You ghosted me and 

Don't give a fuck how much it hurts

Yet here I am 

Trying to save your feelings 

One more time 

Just in case you ever look back

From the beginning till the ending 

All I ever wanted was to make you happy 

So I don't want to say anything 

To make you sad and upset now

Just in case you ever remember 

That I exist

1 thought on “Poetry from Robert Ragan

  1. Only love can protect us all from all evil doings or being ghost. Excellently felt the writer’s silence towards the end of the poem to make his beloved understand him, at least his existence. Nice one.

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