Poetry from Rukn Al-Din Younis

Older light skinned man with graying and thinning hair, a mustache and a trimmed beard, sunglasses on top of his head. He's wearing a blue collared shirt with buttons that has some insignias on the left and right.
Rukn Al-Din Younis

Don't write my name on my tombstone 
And do not write my father's name 
Nor where I come from 
Nor what tribe am I from 
Don't mention my nationality 
Neither far nor near 
Nor do I belong to any religion or sect 
Because I haven't been through this life 
Except in passing of all that is presented 
So, you can cancel my burial ceremony 
As a tourist in this ruin, you have created 

By: Rukn Al-Din Younis Translated by: Mohammad Juda Al-Ameedi ….. ‏Rukn Al-Din Younis is an Iraqi poet and writer from the 1980s and a member of the Iraqi Writers Union. He has five poetry collections published. 

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