Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee

Dark Alley
By Sayani Mukherjee

The higher power is a dark realm
A pregnant egg of alluring fantasies
Laced with savages 
Of nobility of muzzled openings. 
I wish upon the cave 
Abandoned ruggedly inspired
Diabolically and Divinely
Closed off stream of a simple stare
A sudden maneuver
Peeping slowly, hooking within 
The black cuckoo is always nasty 
Her songs, mythically beautiful
Tap dance within her bosom fare 
Rides my homebody fevers. 

An abandoned alley smudged between
Practicalities mundane
My paper knife to hold my worth 
Sweepingly not to prove anything
Just a sullen sweet song 
To lie beside me the lake house ground
To build nests 
Green reds blacks ribboned whites 
Ego death of survival guide
My womanly virtue vices 
Boldness coyness 
All dived down- 
Under the cave the siren song 
The dark alley 
Allowing the evenings to drop down
Hushly steadily making no noise
The evening prayers 
Higher powers
Dark coins 
The woman, a dark alley. 

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