Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee


Green olives and merchandise of
Forgotten safekeeping
My overall cremated beginning
A splash for a second
Like Color palette
It just oozes 
A little too bold 
Still forgotten
Or never opened 
Clouds on nine
A heavenly choir
Choice of infinity
Brew some coffee
Earthly mundane daily chores 
Living in new York alone
I shift 
A little bit more open 
Of synchronized symmetry
It has to be
Divinely separated
Divinely unified
A trophy golden 
Splash of color on my mind
Every second a little bit
Still forgotten
Too swift
The divine light passes
Keeping scores
Your or mine 
There's no division
Union collides
Another one 
Like other matted furnishings
Too swift 
Little birds little flowers
Heavenly bodies
Mazy amusements
Bodies flesh studios my mind
Paint hearts 
Still forgotten
A chess a gambit
Queen's Birthday 
A Phoenix
Always keeping score
My mind 
Always remember
Your heaven.