Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee

By Sayani Mukherjee

A yellow blur. 
The sea swans forth
The home saddles with
Moon thistle and silver spread gleam. 
A token of nudge at the door
A little grief over lost poems 
Of losing a decades high 
A family of past remembrance
Locked up in acrylics of 
Pomegranate smudged souls;
A lace curled up
Full of feminine rhymes. 

It's my penmanship to own 
Loose disjointed freestyles
Like a dove, an alcove, a pine tree. 
The untrodden nudges 
At the peak end 
A forest full of mystery
A theatrical stance 
Over the old bright city 
A fancy out of space and while
Casually misfit, a tropical cloud. 

Too much showers drown the island in me
Then suck with Pansies and whims 
Two poles of wide apart 
In the middle, a threadbare silence
A red string of millions
Footsteps, raspy echoes, an old lane
Illicit with bright red longing. 

I clasp a hibiscus
In the middle a bright ruby red
The house clasps knot
A light within
A full moon fall
A yellowed red dance.