Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee

By Sayani Mukherjee 

Wanderings amidst snow cradled stairs
Lily footed innocence
A lighthearted Soaking
A Feather-like elusive disarray. 

Then a leopard at night
Humanoid force
The violence is foggy 
My tainted mirror sees it
The masks of forked paths
A string, a right left child's play. 

After a nanosecond speed
The bullet proof vest 
Marching through
For virtue
Death and dreaming
Glassinobs scented handkerchief
Shorting of breaths 
Death over death's bosom. 

The power of a couplet
The pinching truth 
Salty with each throb. 
The leopard runs deep down
Forests and pillars
Authority holds the shadow
The sceptical insomnia
A sharp finish
Morphine sleep, time's hole. 

Hours hold on. 
The river runs through 
Shadows and bones
Chess game and vigilant mistress
A dark hell with my resistance. 
I can't lie with the River. 
It sees through
A wise grandmother and a woolen muffler. 
Coils the structure
Men with law enforcement
Country's growth spurt. 
The children feed on
Winds and brain smoked intelligence. 
The play is ironic. 
A blind stare. 

Aborigines instincts a creepy vestibule
The river rings on
A music to ears
Lily footed innocence
It holds the strings alright
A juggler. 
Mass extinction
Nature's yearnings
A blood dripping amazonian finish. 
It devours. 

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