Poetry from Sayedur Rahman

Yearning Land 

In lands afar, where shadows fall,
A refugee’s heart, it bears the call,
To reminisce of motherland’s embrace,
In distant lands, a new life we chase.

Our eyes still hold the memories dear,
Of homeland’s beauty, once so near,
But fate has led them to these shores,
Where dreams are forged on distant mores.

We long for the scent of native soil,
The songs of birds, the daily toil,
Yet resilience grows in refugee’s heart,
As we strive to make a brand-new start.

With hope, we carry our homeland’s grace,
A tapestry of memories, time cannot erase,
For in our journey, we have found,
Strength in unity, on common ground.

Though we’ve left our past behind,
A refugee’s spirit, resilient and kind,
We cherish what was, and what will be,
A testament to the human spirit, wild and free.

Sayedur Rahman is from Bangladesh's Rohingya refugee camp and the author of "Echoes of Home".