Poetry from Scott Kaestner


In a different
life I was
a dead man

into a dream
not meant
to be
back then

being born
gave me

that dream
might yet
come true
this time round

but sadly
it did not
same ole
same ole

until I awoke
in the moment
to realize

was time
to let go
of dreams
of hoping

and instead
live now
live free
not wanting

just be
for now
(the dream).


His goal was to be the world’s first honest cult leader.

But when he was in isolation preparing to unveil “The Big Revelation” to his followers he knew he was in trouble.

After a month of intense reflection, he had nothing.

When the big day arrived and his followers had gathered for the big reveal, he walked to the front of the congregation and said,

“I know enough to know I don’t know much at all.”

He then walked through his flabbergasted followers, out the front door and applied for a cashier job at 7-11.

Honesty is easily applied when counting change and impossible when leading others to drink kool-aid that has evaporated into the sincerity of the air we breathe.


I’m selling cryptocurrency
for the soul

stop looking to power structures
for approval and success

fuck corporations, fuck your TV
and the government… please

do your own god damn thing
be a decent human

and let the bitcoins fall
where they may.

Scott C. Kaestner is a Los Angeles poet, writer, dad, husband, and openly questions the motives of crows. Google ‘scott kaestner poetry’ to peruse his musings and doings.

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